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Miss M

Miss M.  Some of you might recognize her, she did hair & makeup at the studio for a time.  She told me often how she was going to do

Miss P

Hello there!  First of all, this blog post is full of photos of the gorgeous bride, Miss P!  Second of all, I need to make a post about my

Miss K’s Iowa Bridal Boudoir

When I get the chance, I like combining my Facebook’s “What She Said Wednesday” weekly post (okay, sometimes I skip a week or two..) with my blog.  That way

New Studio Update

If you haven’t heard, I have a new studio!  It was supposed to be done & ready for my January 20th photo shoot, but a few things took a


2017 in a nutshell: These are 40 of the 59 incredible women who have been photographed in my studio this year! That is only 1 woman short of my

Miss S

I just counted them up…and I have just under TWENTY blogs to make!!  I’m not sure how I got so behind on sharing photos, but here we are. I’m

Basic Invite Giveaway

Hello there, I’m going to deviate away from boudoir for a minute.  I have a good portion of bridal clients, so when Basic Invite contacted me to host a giveaway,

Miss F – Iowa Bride

Fun fact of the day: basically all of my blog posts should be called either Miss A, J, or K.  So I’m picking random letters now since I don’t

Miss H

I’ve been meaning to share this one for quite a while!  We did something a little different for this & wandered down to a pretty cold & secluded part

Miss A’s Boudoir Session

In my last blog post I promised that Miss J had an equally gorgeous friend, Miss A.  Well, now it’s A’s turn for a blog post of pretty pictures!

Bridal Boudoir | Miss J

Every once & a while, I have 2 sessions back to back with women who are friends & both attend the other’s session.  I often don’t recommend bringing a

Studio News!

If you’re not following me on Instagram or a Facebook VIP, then you probably haven’t heard the news. (You should also start following me & join the VIP group.) Modern

Miss K’s Iowa Bride

I loved Miss K’s bodysuits & leather…and the hair flip at the end!!! (#nailedit) If you’re in the market for a little bridal boudoir, here’s a small sample of

Iowa Boudoir Mini Sessions!

Here are the mini details: -There are only 6 spots available!!  Once I’ve booked 6 minis, this offer is over (UPDATE: there is ONE spot left!!). – Sessions start

Miss C | Pearls & Lace

I think September deserves one more blog post!  Miss C was so much fun to work with – plus she had amazing outfits to work with (from my favorite