Love letters

I am a curvy woman and sometimes very body-conscious. I didn't think I could look sexy or beautiful with hardly any clothes on! Cassie proved me wrong. This was a gift for my now-husband, but I think I get more out of it than he does...confidence! - Miss T

I loved my pictures! I seriously couldn't believe that was ME! I'm a pretty modest person so I was pretty nervous, but they turned out so nice and flattering. If you're on the fence about doing it because you're nervous, don't be. Cassie is great and will make you feel very comfortable and gorgeous! As soon as you get your finished product, you'll be so glad you did it! - Miss K

When I was searching for a boudoir photographer, what initially caught my eye was Cassie's portfolio of clients. She is gifted in capturing the beauty/sexiness in women of various sizes, shapes, ages, etc. I'm a 30-something woman who has recovered from an eating disorder and had a baby, and I highly recommend doing it for yourself, no matter what your situation is. - Miss B

I loved more of them than I thought I would. The images were exactly what I wanted. I was afraid that my size would make them not turn out they way I hoped but Cassie poses are just right and I loved each picture. My size wasn’t even what I saw when I looked at them. I got to see myself the way my husband does, and it made me feel amazing! - Miss S