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November 18, 2014


Modern Boudoir’s Privacy Policy


That really doesn’t have anything to do with today’s post.  I just like to be reminded to try to “fly”.


Oftentimes, before one of my lovely clients decides to book their boudoir experience, they will have a question about if I will share their photos on the blog, Facebook, product samples, etc.

The answer is simple:  I will not share your photos unless you want me to.

I very much understand you’re going to feel a little vulnerable and have some photos that are only for the eyes of that someone special.  While I love getting to share photos, I want you to know that I hold your privacy in very high regard.

Typically, at the ordering session – when you get to see all of your gorgeous photos for the first time – I’ll ask you if you feel comfortable with me sharing your photos either online or in the studio.  There’s no pressure.  The decision is yours.

If you decide to give me permission to share your photos, you have options.  You choose to only share the ones that don’t show your face, only share them in studio (not online), pick and choose which you would allow me to share, or share any of them online and/or in studio…and pretty much any variation of how you want to grant me permission.

Also, when posting to Facebook, Instagram, or the blog, as you may have noticed I don’t use full names.  Just Miss first name initial (or a completely made up initial if you prefer).  I also don’t tag you on Facebook – of course, you’re welcome to tag yourself if you want.

If you have any other questions regarding my privacy policy or want to customize your own boudoir experience, contact me today!


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