2022 Modern Boudoir Clients Pt. 3

**Note: These photos are from my old studio. I’m working my way through 2022 sessions & recently changed studios in early 2023. To see the new studio, click here! 

To create an easier way to share 2022 photos plus get to the newest work quicker, I will be batch posting several sessions at a time. This is going to be so hard to choose only a few photos per client to share!! However each of these have been shared on social media, so feel free to scroll through Instagram!

Miss K:

“Do it!!! Don’t wait – all the good stuff you want outta life happens the minute you leave your boudoir shoot! You will have the confidence to lose the extra pounds and have the courage to be YOU and find your self love you never knew existed!” – Miss K

Hair/makeup by AfterGlow 


Miss A:

Hair/makeup by AfterGlow 
Spray tan by Bronze515
Lingerie from Amour


Miss L:

“If you are considering it, do it! Even if you have body image issues. My body didn’t bounce back after baby number 2 to the point I was considering some cosmetic surgery. After seeing the images, I can’t find those flaws I obsessed with! The beauty and sexiness Cassie found blew me away! I walked away with so much self-love and body positivity!!! The product may be for my husband but the process was definitely for me! Do it for you!!” – Miss L

Hair/makeup by AfterGlow 


Miss D:

“I loved the way I felt so comfortable and taking direction from Cassie was so much fun. After only feeling like someone’s mom for the past 5 years, I really felt like my own person. A confident and sexy woman!” – Miss D

Hair/makeup by AfterGlow 

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