Miss L’s Boudoir Experience

January 24, 2021

Miss L’s photos & survey about her boudoir experience

How did you feel when you first saw your images?
OBSESSED. They were perfect! I could not wait to get the rest of them after the sneak peaks. Obsessively checked Instagram and my email for at least a week!
Tell your favorite part(s) of your experience
I loved how sexy and fun it was. I was so afraid of feeling and looking awkward, but you made it so easy to look as though I’ve done thousands of boudoir shoots!
What are your thoughts on your final products?
In love! They are perfect!!
Would you do another shoot with us?
What advice do you have for other women who are considering a boudoir session?
Do it. As much fun as it is, I’m sad I didn’t do it sooner!

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