Miss R | Iowa Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir sessions at Modern Boudoir aren’t just pictures. You get a full experience from start to finish. Once you fill out the contact form, you’ll immediately be sent a Welcome Brochure full of info + a link to schedule a Consultation with me (Cassie). Consultations are a great way to make sure all of your questions are answered, chat about outfit ideas, look into product plus Bonus options, and pick a date for your photoshoot!

Once you’re booked, you get perks!! There’s a How to Prepare Guide & discounts at a few businesses I partner with, including the 2 that Miss R utilized for her session (Bronze515 & Amour).
Then you show up at the studio on your session day with clean hair/face and loose clothing & we get to pamper you! My hair & makeup artist is incredible at what she does & has been in business over 10 years! We’ll then pick out your 3 outfits & start the photoshoot.

I just hit 9 years of being a full time boudoir photographer! Which means, I’ve got you the whole session. I’ll show you poses, help you into them, guide you, the works! You get a full 9 years of my experience making sure all the details are in place for all the right angles on all body types!
The poses will feel a little silly and we’ll probably have far too much fun for you to even remember you’re wearing very little. Then it will be time for a lunch break. After about 90 minutes, we’ll meet back at the studio to look at your beautiful photos & pick out your custom heirloom quality products that highlight all of your favorites!

Does this all sound like a dream?! It doesn’t hurt to reach out & get some details: Click Here!

Not quite ready for your turn yet? Here are some pretty photos of Miss R to check out:

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Lingerie from Amour
Hair/makeup by AfterGlow 
Spray tan by Bronze515