What to Wear: Maternity Edition

Maternity photoshoots can be whatever you want them to be.
Some mamas want to lean into the boudoir side more & still get a booty picture while we’re at the studio. Others want to stay more on the soft/feminine/cozy side of their session.

Picking outfits for your maternity boudoir isn’t really that different from a regular boudoir session. Here are some popular options:

  1. A dress

    The photos I have from the most recent boudoir sessions in dresses are all pretty sheer. Once again, everything is up to you & your comfort level. If you want to have more coverage, a dress like this is really beautiful to photograph! If you click that link, that’s a dress I got for my own maternity session with my last baby.Outdoor sessions are available on request for an additional fee.
  2. Bra/Panty Set

    Lingerie works great for maternity boudoir too! You can do strappy, lacy, any kind of bra/panty set your heart desires! Note: you’ll want to keep to lower waisted underwear so it doesn’t roll down your baby bump throughout the session.
  3. Add a cardigan, robe, or a crop top

    Are you looking for more comfy vibes? Adding a cardigan, crop top, robe, button down, etc. just gives a little extra snuggle to your maternity photos! I highly recommend bringing a little something to pair with a bra/panty set.
  4. Bodysuits

    Bodysuits that work with the bump are a little more difficult to find. You obviously want something stretchy. My favorite spot to search for these is on Etsy!
    You can see some of my top picks HERE, HERE & HERE! There are really so many good ones out there, plus Etsy also has some beautiful dress options!
  5. White Sheets and/or nude

    Maternity is perfect for some artistic nude images and/or having a “just the sheets” look! As always, I’m living in your comfort zone. If it’s something you want to try, definitely let me know!
  6. The Bonus Bougie Robe

    During your consultation we’re going to go over how to qualify for Bonuses & one of the option is this big fluffy robe! Well, there are actually 4 color options!
    It’s so luxurious and is an absolutely stunning option for maternity!

I hope this post got your wheels turning & you’re starting to envision what your dream boudoir session would look like! I do recommend having your session around 30 weeks & scheduling sooner than later to make sure you are able to time it just right.

Let’s plan your dream maternity photoshoot: CLICK HERE!