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May 06, 2014

Mrs. K

Mrs. K is a newlywed as of last weekend (hence the Mrs.)!!  She was so much fun to work with during the whole experience!  She came into the studio ready for her boudoir session with boots, her new husband’s cowboy hat, and some leopard


Apr 29, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Consultations

You have done your research and want to book a boudoir session, so you’ve contacted me and we set up a consultation.  Now is where the fun part begins! Preferably consultations are in person, but can also be over the phone, Skype, or Google+.


Apr 22, 2014

Favorites: April Edition

I’m testing the waters on how a monthly edition of “Favorite Things” might work on this blog.  I ran across some websites that I believe you’ll enjoy… so without further ado, here are a few websites I now love: Number 1: Rent the Runway!


Apr 15, 2014

Preparing for Your Boudoir Experience

You have had your consultation and your boudoir photo shoot is scheduled.  Now what to do?  How do you prepare? Don’t worry, this helpful list of before-photo-shoot-tips is here to rescue you! 1. Wear loose clothing to your session – Tight clothing can leave lines


Apr 08, 2014

Product Spotlight: Mini Booklets

These mini booklets have been a hit so far!  Whether you want to put one in your purse to show off your gorgeous photos to all of your friends or sneak it in your man’s briefcase for a fun surprise, these little minis are


Apr 01, 2014

Mother’s Day Giveaway

How To Enter: To enter yourself or another lovely mom you know, e-mail me at: or fill out a contact form with a subject of: “Beautiful Mom”. In the e-mail include:  who the mom is, why you want to nominate her, your contact information and