How to Personalize Your Boudoir Pt. 3

Finishing the series with 3 more ways to personalize your boudoir experience!

If you missed them, also make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2.

1. Body Jewelry
Give your photoshoot personality, drama & a bit of sparkle! A quick Amazon search will find you a bunch of options like this one!
Etsy is also a great place to look.
But my personal favorite, is Tailored Body Jewelry! She’s a small business that creates custom pieces & specializes in size inclusive body jewelry!

2. Let’s hold something…
Okay, I know this one is vague. But there are SO many things that you can bring into your photoshoot! Like how cute is that fan? & the moody whiskey vibes?
Throw in a little magic with some nerdy props – we’ve had Naruto belts, light sabers & wands.
The kitchen set leads itself to so many looks: cozy coffee cup, we can get crazy with flower, bring some treats, etc.

3. Fishnets & knee-high socks
These two just kind of went together in my mind. Cozy feels vs sassy details. Which would you pick?

How would you customize your own boudoir photoshoot? Let’s chat about possibilities: CLICK HERE!